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The IFMSA Exchange programmes endorsed by WFME

The IFMSA Exchange programmes endorsed by WFME
The World Federation on Medical Education (WFME) Executive Council last week decided to endorse the IFMSA exchange programs, as made visible as a headline on the WFME website (
Following the IFMSA concept paper and sessions dedicated to presenting the programs to WFME at the last IFMSA General Assembly in Tunisia, the Executive Council of WFME agreed that the IFMSA exchange programs SCOPE and SCORE (below) are very professionally organized and absolutely worthy of endorsement and of being commended to medical schools and medical faculties worldwide.
The Standing Committee on Professional Exchange (SCOPE) has a mission to promote cultural understanding and co-operation amongst medical students and all health professionals, through the facilitation of international student exchanges. SCOPE also aims to have its exchanges accredited by medical faculties across the world and to give all students the opportunity to learn about global health.
The Standing Committee on Research Exchange (SCORE) seeks to offer future physicians an opportunity to experience research work and diversity of countries all over the world. This is achieved by providing a network of locally and internationally active students that globally facilitate access to research exchange projects. Through our programming and opportunities, we aim to develop both culturally sensitive students and skilled researchers intent on shaping the world of science in the upcoming future.
The exchange programs for professional and research exchange involve national member organizations of IFMSA in 93 countries worldwide and 990 local student organizations. Every year more than 12’000 students participate making the exchange program one of the largest student-run exchange programs in the world.
IFMSA is deeply thankful for this endorsement and we commit to continue improving the quality of our exchange programs.

Sara Cerdas, IFMSA SCORE Director

 Farhan Mar’I Isa, IFMSA SCOPE Director

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